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DEOS Overview

Automation Industries partnered with DEOS AG and DEOS Australia to provide OPEN BACnet BMS solutions to the local market.


DEOS AG is a technology leader in building automation, DEOS AG develops and produces innovative building automation and energy management systems "Made in Germany".

  • DEOS provide Modular, scalable, and highly flexible hardware solutions

  • DEOS OPEN EMS Systems consist of programmable BACnet Controllers and a variety of I/O Modules and interfaces

  • HTML 5 HD Graphical User Interface, embedded on our OPEN BACnet Controllers 

  • BACnet Headend Software solutions

  • DEOS Controllers are BACnet BTL certified

  • Embedded Web Server for hosting of HTML 5 visualisation interface and Remote Access and Control

CAN-HSB High Safety Bus

For the safe operation of CAN-HSB, both CAN-interfaces of an OPEN 3100 EMS C2 or an OPEN 4100 EMS C2 will be used. With these interfaces, the field level can be operated in a ring and therefore it is possible that the field devices can be operated during an interruption or failure of the CAN network.

Hot Standby Controller (Redundancy)

For a maximum operational safety, the system can be designed as a redundant system with two OPEN 4100 EMS/R. Therefore two OPEN 4100 EMS/R controllers are operated at one CAN-bus. The first controller (Primary) normally handles all monitoring and control functions. The second controller (Secondary) is in a hot standby mode. If the Primary controller breaks down, the Secondary controller will automatically take over all monitoring and control functions, with no downtime. The option ‘Redundancy’ must be activated for both controllers.

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