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SaaS Cloud Solutions

Historically, companies were required to buy, build and maintain their IT infrastructures often at a great upfront expense.


Automation Industries now gives companies an alternative. Customers can now plug in and subscribe to services built on cloud infrastructure, fully managed and maintained by Automation Industries.


Automation Industries have developed and made available to the market, a number of SaaS offerings designed to meet the diverse requirements of the industry;


  • MDMaaS – a Utility Grade Meter Data Management & Billing Platform  

  • BMSaaS – a Building Management Systems as a Service Platform 

  • EMSaaS – an Energy Management Systems as a Service Platform 

Why SaaS?
  • Rapid Deployment 

  • Reduced time to benefit 

  • Lower costs 

  • Scalability and integration 

  • New releases (upgrades) 

  • Easy to use and perform proof of concepts 

  • Hosted server hardware 

  • Data Backup 

  • Central client-server system 

  • Secure transportation of data 

  • SLA available 

  • High Data Security – all data GEO Redundantly stored and backed up. 

  • Highly Available 

  • Point In Time Restore

  • Real-time monitoring by AI 

  • Rely on a trusted cloud 

  • Scalable AI will match demand 

  • No on-site infrastructure to maintain 

  • Web Portal Login anywhere for user 

  • Fully Maintained and Administered by Automation Industries  

  • Zero Administration Costs


Automation Industries provide a fully managed and Utility Grade Meter Data Management & Billing Platform.

Our platform provides for the control, monitoring, metering and billing of Electricity, Gas, Water and Thermal Energy services.


Automation Industries offers a fully managed and Building Management Systems as a Service Platform.

Built on open industry standards such as BACnet; control and monitor all aspects of your building in real-time.


Automation Industries offers a fully managed Energy Management System as a Service Platform.


Built on open industry standards; monitor demand management & energy usage of your building in real-time. Access to dashboards, analytics and reports.

Recommended For
  • Mechanical contractors 

  • Developers 

  • Councils 

  • Education 

  • Hotels 

  • Shopping Centres 

  • Commercial Offices 

  • Facilities managers 

  • Embedded network managers and operators 

  • Building Owners 

  • Building Operators 

  • Electrical Contractors

Want More Information On SaaS Cloud Solutions?


Find Out If a SaaS Cloud Solution Is Right For Your Business  

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