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OPENdynamics creates the ideal environment for people, machines and exhibits. Your state-of-the-art room ventilation system works perfectly together with the patented* DEOS room ventilation controller, creating a productive room climate with maximum energy efficiency. OPENdynamics works quietly in the background, minimises fan noise levels, considerably reduces drafts and always finds the ideal energy mix (operating point) for a comfortable room climate.

Why OPENdynamics
  • Reduced costs in all buildings

    Comfort for people

  • Saving energy with increased comfort

  • Total energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved

  • Significant visitor and user-enhanced comfort

  • Short amortisation periods compared to conventional solutions

  • Reduced noise level thanks to adjusted ventilation

  • High-cost transparency through unique new cost control system (CCS)

  • Ideal for new buildings or converting existing buildings during ongoing operation

  • Customized adaption to the existing building environment

  • Ideal for new buildings or converting existing buildings during ongoing operation

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