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RAAF Williamtown

This project involved the supply and installation of a Building Management System (BMS) at RAAF LIFCAP Williamtown, using a DEOS Direct Digital Control (DDC) system. 


The mechanical services include

  • Two Temperzone Package units serving the simulator rooms

  • One Temperzone Package unit with VAV 6 Zones serving the main building

  • Five Daikin single split systems

  • Two Temperzone Ducted split systems

  • Four Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems by Stulz, including the integrated humidifiers

  • Ten fans


Other services monitored by the BMS include

  • UPS monitoring.

  • Two SPS pumps (wastewater transfer system).

  • General Fire alarm.

  • Refrigerant leak detection in plantrooms.


Access to the BMS Facilities Management Software Suite (graphic interface) is via OPENweb software located on a dedicated PC. Also, the DEOS system can be accessed over the LAN from any PC with webserver.


Remote Access connectivity is also available to the Facilities Manager and for Automation Industries. Remote access by Automation Industries is secure using encrypted VPN connection to the AI central monitoring OPENweb server.


At least three levels of permissions determine access rights, from view only to complete access.


The Royal Australian Air Force is proud to have been a part of the Hunter since the late 1930s when the Defence Practice Area was first designated at Williamtown.  Defence looks forward to continuing its positive relationship with the local community.  It is Air Force's intent that RAAF Base Williamtown remain as the nation’s main fighter pilot training base, and it will house most of the planned F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Lightning aircraft.


This project involved the installation of Mechanical Services to a new state of the art facility to house the RAAF simulator training systems.


The specification was by Norman Disney & Young, Mechanical Services by Atack Air, BMS by Automation Industries.

How We Helped

Automation Industries implemented the BMS for the Mechanical Services in accordance with the specifications from The Department of Defence for the new LIPCAP facilities at RAAF Base Williamtown. 


Important aspects were the ease of use of the DEOS graphic interface, the range of access permissions, and the sophisticated reporting systems including Trend/Data logging.

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