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New ProMeter Series Controller

The OPEN 810 EMS ProMeter series is loaded with all the standard features of the OPEN 810 EMS and enables further functionality for directly connecting to Smart Electricity Meters and Smart Water meters. This special controller series was designed to provide a simple and cost effective way for customers to control and monitor their embedded networks for all types of utility metering including electrical, thermal and hot and cold water services.

New ProMeter Series Controller
  • Powerful Edge Device with DDC functionality

  • Time saving and easy to engineer

  • Freely programmable

  • Plug and play architecture, to allow trades to self serve

  • Ability to operate independently and simplified communication

  • Resilient and cost effective

  • Data logging & trending (250 trends, 70.000 samples each)

  • Scheduling & alarming

  • Up to 1.000 BACnet objects 1.000 Modbus points

  • Easy third party integration e.g. BMS, in room displays via industry standard protocols

  • 1 CAN bus, 1 RS232, 1 RS485 and 2 fast ethernet interfaces

  • Direct connectivity to Landis+Gyr meters

  • Real time alarming and Trending of data points

  • HTML 5 Web Interface for local control – eg remote disconnection/reconnections

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