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OPENweb building management system software is a web-based BACnet BMS. It is installed on your PC or server depending on the size of your system. Using your standard browser or the DEOS OPENweb ControlPanel proprietary visualisation program, you can safely access your local data via the Internet or intranet. The OPENweb ControlPanel allows you to work quickly and independently of browser provider updates.


Automation Industries also offer OPENweb as a hosted service via our BMSaaS

Why OPENweb
  • User-specific security access levels

  • Graphic representation and recording of trend data

  • Unlimited number of trend curves in each diagram

  • Free and individual selection of trend data from different controllers

    CSV export for further processing with external programs, e.g. Excel

  • Logging the trend data in a history when values change

  • Print function

  • Freely configurable query interval for each data point

  • Automatic connection for local OPEN EMS controllers

Log Book
  • User-specific security access levels

  • Assignment of individual views

  • Logging of user logins, logouts and operations with date, time and username

  • Logging of parameter changes with date, time, old and new value carried out using OPENweb

Event History
  • Automatic history of events and messages

Event Server
  • The event server organises and manages the messages. Individual user profiles ensure that the message is always sent to the right place

  • Alarm and message system Alarm via SMS, e-mail, fax, etc.

  • ESPA-X protocol (Enhanced Signaling Protocol for Alarm Processes)

ESPA-X Protocol
  • This is a TCP/IP and XML-based communication protocol for controlling wireless paging installations. Through the ESPA-X service in the event server and an external ESPA-X server, the following additional functions can be activated:

  • Text-to-speech, reading-out of text messages on mobile and landline phones

  • The event server receives a real transmission confirmation. One of the pushbuttons on the terminal must, therefore, be pressed as confirmation.

Communication Driver
  • Proprietary standard TCP/IP connection (intranet or internet)

  • Remote data transmission (e.g. via modem)

  • BACnet/IP (expansion module)

Event Control Center
  • The Event Control Center (ECC) is the central software for displaying and handling alarms and messages. It provides the ability to configure user-specific views for the display and therefore shows all relevant information directly to the user. In addition to the chronological recording the acknowledgements, it offers many more options for filtering and processing alarms and messages

  • Managing, displaying and processing alarms and messages

  • Interface can be configured for specific users

Fidelio Hotel Booking System
  • This module makes the room allocation such as Check-In, Check-Out and Pre-Check-In available as BACnet object. Each BACnet device in the network can access this information. Automatic selection and alignment of the room allocation takes place on system start

  • Software module for linking to the Fidelio hotel booking system via BACnet protocol

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