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PiiGAB Products

PiiGAB offers software and hardware for communication, data collection and traceability in industrial and building automation. In the m-bus area, PiiGAB offers many exciting products that facilitate remote reading of different types of consumption meters. We can also offer solutions within Modbus and OPC as well as other types of communication protocols that enable energy efficiency.

M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is a European standard EN 13757-2 (physical and link layer), EN 13757-3 (application layer).

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Benefits of Automation Industries with PiiGAB
  • We work with the development of products in a variety of communication protocols, with cutting-edge expertise in areas such as M-Bus and Modbus.

  • We have extensive experience with these protocols and continuously strive to develop easy-to-use and user-friendly products.

  • PiiGAB software opens up completely new possibilities to communicate. We offer software that is completely general which can give you innovative communication solutions.

  • Modbus meters can be read via M-Bus system with the additional application Modbus2MBus 

  • With the QuickPost add-on application, meter data can also be exported to ftp server or httppost server.

  • The Wireless add-on allows wireless M-Bus meters to be read in an M-Bus system.


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