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VAV-FCU Solutions

The DEOS VAV-FCU solutions open a new era to program, install and commission such systems. It doesn´t matter if there are only VAV / FCU applications or both mixed up in a building. The intelligent system will identify the specific controller on the BACnet MS/TP or MODBUS network automatically and integrate it into the system.


Thanks to the pre-installed graphics it´s nearly a plug and play system which can be extended with several functions on the management level such as alarming or trending. This advanced technology will generate you enormous time benefits during the programming, installing and commissioning. The whole system works on a native BACnet platform.

  • Online trending and alarming functions

  • Top to bottom BACnet solution

  • Daisy chain wiring of OPEN EMS

  • Auto identification of BACnet objects

  • Automatically generate graphics

  • Cloning function

  • Fully configurable VAV application specific controller

  • Native BACnet MS/TP or MODBUS (selectable)

  • Connect to room thermostat via three wires

  • Up to four inputs and six outputs

  • Optional auto pressure mode detection

  • Fully configurable FCU application specific controller

  • 24, 120 or 240 VAC operation

  • Up to 10 inputs and 15 outputs

  • Optional humidification and dehumidification sequences

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