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Newstead Central

Newstead Central is a new development by Metro Property Development located in the former Brisbane Gasworks Precinct.  


The Project included metering for Towers 2 (Laguna) & 3 (St Tropez), 424 apartments in total.


Each tower has its own central gas-fired domestic hot water plant. The central plant - including boilers, tanks, pumps, electrical and controls -was fabricated off-site in three modules; this allowed for a quick and clean installation on site, with minimal final connections and commissioning required.


The works by Automation Industries involved the design and supply of

  • New Central Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems with Storage 

  • Embedded electricity metering

  • Hot Water metering

  • Thermal energy metering for Chilled water Air conditioning plant

  • Meter data management Services


Automation Industries designed and supplied the gas hot water systems. The new hot water system is independent of other mechanical services and is completely managed by the DEOS control system.


Automation Industries worked with Flow to implement the metering and billing system.

The building electricity network is an embedded electricity network managed by Flow Systems.  

The Metering system includes electricity metering for all apartments, commercial tenancy and common property meters. 


It is implemented with a utility grade Landis+Gyr Electricity metering system, and meter data management is integrated to Automation Industries fully managed cloud infrastructure.


Newstead Central is the only place where ‘tranquil living meets inner-city sophistication’ delivering you an entirely new experience on inner city life. Designed with pure luxury in mind, its proposed pools, man-made beaches with white glistening sand and water features are guaranteed to impress even the most enthusiastic city dweller. Newstead Central will be the home you never thought you’d have.


The challenges on this project were all related to designing systems to align with current architectural designs and builders time constraints, these challenges included - 


  • To Provide a multi-utility automated metering solution integrating all services into a single platform 

  • The Gas Hot Water Plant had to be designed, constructed and delivered within project time constraints

  • The metering system architecture had to align with current electrical designs and cable risers.

  • Co-ordination of new Hydraulic and EEN designs between the builder and their subcontractors

How We Helped

Metering systems 

On this project Automation Industries have designed, supplied and commissioned a multi-utility metering system to meter and provide the client with Hot Water usage, Thermal energy usage and electricity usage for each apartment and commercial tenancies, also providing meter data reports for billing.


Central hot water plant

Automation Industries have designed and supplied a prefabricated (transportable) Rheem gas hot water system storage for each stage.


The Technical Details

The EEN provided by Automation Industries consists of landis+Gyr EM series meters connected to an Automation Industries AMI (advanced metering infrastructure ).

The billing data is collected and processed by Automation Industries highly secure MDMaaS (Meter Data Management as a Service). Billing data is managed and provided by Automation Industries.

Metering statistics and status are shared with the BMS via High Level Interface keeping the MDM billing information segregated from the BMS system.

Water Metering

The water metering system provided by Automation Industries consists Elster Pulse water meters. 

The water meters are also connected to Automation Industries AMI system, and billing data is securely transported via IPsec VPN and processed by our MDM service.


Hot Water Systems 

The HW system consists of Rheem Multipak and Rheem storage tanks, which is a staged ignition system available in models comprising two to six Commercial Continuous Flow units.

These Systems are typically used where large demands are required intermittently, such as Residential developments and other commercial applications

In 60ºC temperature mode, Multipak is suitable for use in

dead leg and recirculation systems. 

The Multipak System provides a reliable, High-efficiency continuous flow Natural Gas domestic hot water system. 


Control Systems

Control of the mechanical plant and metering systems this is achieved through Automation Industries Digital Energy Optimization System (DEOS). The DEOS software is continually analysing site conditions and plant performance to optimise plant efficiency.

The Control system provides control of the HWP via duty cycling HWP pumps and monitoring building HW supply temperature and storage tank temperature to ensure HW is supplied at correct temperatures.

Electricity Meters are monitored by the DEOS system to provide voltage and current readings, allow remote disconnection of meters and provide alarming in the event of failure or voltage issues.

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