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Westfield Kotara - Carpark Ventilation

This project involved the installation of a Carbon Monoxide detection and control system to the carparks at Kotara Westfield. The upgrade to the existing system was required to optimise energy usage in the building and comply with current Australian Standards. 


The new works involved the addition of Variable Speed Drives to control each fan, and new Carbon Monoxide Sensors. 


The key aspect of this project is the control system (BMCS). Monitoring and Control of the six carpark ventilation fans are via DEOS OPEN 600 BACnet controllers. The DEOS system also integrates to the existing centres BMS system.


  • DEOS Graphics Interface is clear and easy-to-follow.

  • Car Park fans are controlled with Variable Speed drives and run according to the time-clock settings which are adjustable via the graphics interface.

  • CO Sensors set points are adjustable via the graphics interface.

  • Fans and sensors fault codes and alarms easily managed via the graphics interface.

  • Expandable system – more DEOS controllers can be installed using the existing Westfield network. 

  • Capacity for future trend logging.


Westfield Kotara is a shopping centre located in the suburb of Kotara in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. It opened in 1965 as Kotara Fair. In 2003 the shopping centre was purchased by the Westfield Group.


The carpark ventilation at Kotara Westfield was installed to meet the standard at the time (AS1668.1.1998).


The system upgrade was completed in 2015 to meet the most recent standard.


AS/NZS1668.2:2012 is the current Standard relevant to ventilation of buildings as referenced in the BCA. As per this standard, the target of a car park ventilation system is to limit Carbon Monoxide (CO) concentrations to levels specified in Worksafe and National Health and Medical Research Criteria (NHMRC). 

How We Helped

The key to the success of this upgrade is the control system (BMCS).  Automation Industries were able to offer a simple but sophisticated tailored DEOS control system to manage the Carpark ventilation and ensure that the systems run as designed.


The DEOS graphic interface also provides: 

  • Straightforward management of faults from the CO sensors and/or the fans.

  • Changes to settings are clear but only available to personnel with appropriate access levels.

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