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IO and Serial Connectivity

SMS Remote I/O

Ursalink SMS Remote I/O allows 2 phone numbers to send commands via SMS/USSD, and up to 6 phone numbers can be informed when alarm toggle condition is sufficient. It also supports multiple trigger conditions and actions, enabling users to create various combinations of commands according to their needs.

With rich functionalities and small form-factor design, Ursalink SMS Remote I/O is able to be attached to many electronic devices at homes, in offices, or on any other sites.

LoRa Remote I/O

Ursalink LoRa Remote I/O supports LoRaWAN class C protocol to be in full compatibility with most LoRaWAN gateways (UG87) on the market. It is ideal for large-scale IoT application deployments, such as projects for the building automation, smart metering, HVAC system, etc.

With multiple interfaces, LoRa Remote I/O can perfectly help retrofit legacy assets into IoT enablement.

Cellular & NB-IoT Remote I/O

The UC3x series is smart I/O product with an embedded cellular/NB-IoT modem. The intelligent software and ultra-compact portable form factor design make it an ideal solution for a variety of industrial applications like field device monitoring, remote controlling and data acquisition.

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