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Automation Industries Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The #automationindustries team have been hard at work building the next batch of #AMI control panels as well as programming the #ProMeter controllers for upcoming #smartmetering projects.

Our AMI equipment is compatible with Automation Industries secure cloud services including Meter Data Management as a Service (MDMaaS) and BMSaaS platforms as well as easy third party integration via #BACnet or #Modbus

The AMI includes all the hardware required to handle multiple protocols and provides highly secure access to metering systems. Our systems are designed to provide a simplified approach to complex integration of metering and building services installations.

The AMI provides remote management and remote reading of utility services as well as remote control and monitoring of mechanical plant accessible via HTML5 graphical interface.

We can directly connect up to 50 electricity meters and 250 MBUS meters with a single #DEOS #ProMeter series controller. No matter the size of the metering networks we have the solution.

Depending on the project size and requirements our AMI controls panels come in various sizes and contain the hardware that will intelligently connect directly to the #smartmetering networks for electricity, water, gas, HVAC and more.

The AMI Plug and Play architecture simplifies metering installations by providing a single point of connection to the buildings integrated controls network.

Contact us for more information 1300 411 331 or

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