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UF51 5G CPE is dedicated to cost effective solutions for 5G wireless networking application. Adopting high-performance industrial platform of quad-core CPU and 5G cellular module, UF51 is capable of providing ultra-fast network and ultra-small package to ensure the extremely safe and reliable connection to the wireless network. With various kinds of installation methods, IP67 waterproof enclosure and novel design, UF51 is applicable to indoor and outdoor applications. Meanwhile, UF51 also supports 2-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, serial ports (RS232/RS485) and DI/DO (Digital input/Digital output), which enable you to scale up M2M application combining data and video in limited time and budget. UF51 is particularly suitable for smart offices, video surveillance, digital media implementations, industrial automation, traffic applications, robots and so on.

5G Series - UF51-501AU

Excluding Sales Tax
Expected to ship 2-4 weeks from order
  • Features

    • 5G / Wi-Fi / GPS / PoE PD Supported
    • 1 * SIM
    • 2 * 10/100/1000Mbps
    • (1 * WAN + 1 * LAN or 2 * LAN)
    • 1 * RS232 + 1 * RS485 (Switchable)
    • 1 * DI + 1 * DO
    • IP67 Rated
    • Region:
    • EMEA / Asia-Pacific
    • GPS is under development and will be supported in 2023.
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