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UR32S is a cost-effective industrial cellular router with embedded intelligent features that are designed for multifarious M2M/IoT applications.

Global WCDMA and 4G LTE carrier supported make this drop-in connectivity a great help for operators in maximizing uptime. UR32S also has 2 fast Ethernet ports, which delivers users an uninterrupted internet access.


Integrating watchdog and multi-link failover detection, UR32S provides stable communications. Combining DeviceHub and MilesightVPN, UR32S can help you manage network easily and efficiently.


The UR32S provides WIFI/POE option for the Lite Series Router

Industrial Cellular Router - Lite Series UR32S-L04AU-P

Excluding Sales Tax
Expected to ship 2-4 weeks from order
  • Features

    • 3G & 4G Supported
    • 2 * 10/100Mbps
    • (2 * LAN or 1 * WAN + 1 * LAN)
    • Optional: Wi-Fi / PoE PSE
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