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UG63 is a 8-channel lightweight indoor LoRaWAN® gateway. Adopting, SX1302 chip and high-performance CPU, UG63 can not only set up packet forwarding connection between more than 2000 end nodes and mainstream network servers (such as TTN, Chirpstack, etc.), but also cover up to 2 km in urbanized environment as a blind-filling gateway.

With compact size, it is an ideal supplement for UG65 or UG67 for blind-filling in complex environment or wide indoor areas such as office, parking lots, campuses, etc. Besides, UG63 also has built-in network server and is compatible with Milesight IoT for dealing with data for a few end-nodes, suitable for LoRaWAN® small deployments

LoRaWAN Gateway - UG63-915M

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Features

    • 8-CH
    • PoE PD Supported
    • 1 * 10/100Mbps
    • Built-in Network Server
    • Support Listen Before Talk (LBT) for Downlink
    • IP30 rated
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