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Milesight DS7610 IoT Display brings customers simplicity and a user-friendly experience in managing rooms' conditions with one tap. As an advanced IoT solution, DS7610 has a built-in LoRaWAN® gateway and NFC to manage Milesight LoRaWAN® sensors and display intuitive data and the status on the screen. More significantly, the 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen display allows users to see and customize the user interface with easy settings and smooth screen switching. Customizable stepless adjusted RGB LEDindicators of DS7610 can show the real-time room availability instantly even froma distance. DS7610 also supports 3rd-party Android applications, allowing users to install applications as needed, such as Meeting Room Booking Systems, Visitor Appointment Systems, Smart Restroom Management Systems, and more.

    LoRaWAN Sensor/Node IoT Room Display - DS7610-915M

    Excluding Sales Tax
    Expected to ship 2-4 weeks from order
    • Features

      • Power Supply: Type-C and DC and PoE
      • Equipped with LED Lights for Room Status
      • Built-in LoRaWAN® Gateway Module
      • Embedded Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor
      • NFC Enabled
      • IP30 Rated
    • Advanced Features

      • Touch-Screen:
      • Responsive 10.1” TFT LCD
      • Measuring Range of Ambient Light Sensor:
      • 0 ~ 1572 lux
      • Detection Distance of Proximity Sensor:
      • Maximum 1m
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