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WS558 is a LoRaWAN® Smart Light Controller for monitoring and controlling lights locally or remotely. With 2 circuit types and 8 switches, it fits different rooms without the need of re-wiring, reducing the renovation costs. Compliant with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud solution, WS558 can be monitored and controlled via webpage or mobile Appremotely and triggered by other Milesight sensors. Besides, WS558 supports Milesight D2D communication protocol, which can set up connection quickly and be controlled without gateway. WS558 can be widely used for wireless control of indoor lights, fans, heaters, machines, etc.

LoRaWAN Sensor/Node Smart Light Controller - WS558-915M LN

Excluding Sales Tax
Expected to ship 2-4 weeks from order
  • Features

    • NFC Enabled
    • Supports Multicast for Control in Bulk
    • Advanced Features: Milesight D2D Agent / Remote Schedule Switch
  • Electrical

    Input Voltage:
    100 ~ 250 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz
    8 Active Outputs
    Capacitive & Inductive Load:
    Maximum 5A per Output, Total 16A
    Resistive Load:
    Maximum 10A per Output, Total 16A
    Electrical Measurement:
    Voltage (VAC), Current (mA), Power Factor (%), Power (W), Power Consumption (kW·h)

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